DNA is very important because it is the core of a person's being. It's the many unique facets that make you, well, you. 

Here at New Hope, we encourage you and help train you in finding who you are. This comes with the teaching and preaching of God's Word, which should then be applied to your everyday life. 

It is important that you are rooted and grounded in God first, out of knowing who He is, you will realize the splendorous DNA He has graciously gifted to all of us.

Here at New Hope, we are more than just a religious location; we are a family. Our heart believes in the potential and of lives.

It does not matter your past, parents, or environment; GOD has GREATER for your life. You are uniquely designed for so much more than your Limits.

Our desire and, more importantly, our DNA is to see lives healed, restored, equipped, and empowered to be sent out.

Bottom line, with GOD you can reach WHOLENESS in your life, you can become TRAINED and DEVELOPED to go BACK OUT then and bring unbelievable CHANGE to the WORLD around YOU.